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On The Verge Of Better Habits

Updated: Feb 1

Let’s build on weeks 1 and 2 now.

Take some time to reflect on the past week and journal your thoughts. Reflection through journaling helps you release your anxieties and discomforts of your new habit. Writing will help you see patterns in your thoughts. All the good, the sad and the ones that convince you into self-sabotage. Once you're able to recognise your patterns of self-sabotage you will then be able to reframe your thoughts, so that you can confront them in the future.

Use some or all of these prompts to help you with your journaling and reflection:

  • What do I enjoy about my new ritual?

  • How do I feel now that I complete this routine every day?

  • What did I find challenging about my new routine?

  • What do I find joyful about the routine?

  • Start a gratitude list about your new habit and add at least 1 way a day how your new ritual is benefiting you.

  • Am I staying committed to myself? Why or why not?

By this time you may be wanting to revert to old habits. You may feel frustrated and cranky. This is normal. This happens because the new habit you are creating is unknown to your brain and it wants to protect you from the unknown. However, remember our habits became our habits because of our brains like familiarity whether it helps us or not. Right now you are building a new routine and when it becomes predictable it will take less energy to physically and mentally execute. You are on the verge of mastering your new habit, so stay encouraged, and remember to give yourself grace on this journey.

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