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New Year New You...But for real this time

It’s almost January. The holidays are over, it’s the dregs of the dark and cold winter and it’s a little hard to get going on anything meaningful. You keep wishing that things will change, but all you want to do is hibernate. The laundry is piling up, dinner is too often a delivery in a greasy brown bag. You just don’t know where to start. You have all the best intentions but overwhelm is starting to settle in.

Time to refresh your Habits

Did the above scenario resonate with you? Hopefully, it didn't, but if you did identify with it and you don’t want to, it's time to make a change. This is why I know this is the perfect time to guide you through the process of refreshing your habits so keep reading.

When I say refresh habits I’m not talking about making empty resolutions and stupid meaningless goals to keep up with the rat race. Those are trash. Instead, I’m talking about reworking one small or large area of your life that you have been pushing aside. I’m talking about helping you call in ease and flow so that you can have better focus, more energy and a clearer train of thought. This will result in less decision-making and the ease you deserve throughout your days.

What Are Habits?

Why habits you ask? Good question. The habits we have support how easily our lives flow. It's that simple. That being said a lot of us recognise that we have a habit that no longer serves us but, have no idea how to change it. We then demonize our habits by calling them bad which results in diving deeper into the "bad" habit and talking down on ourselves. This type of cyclical thinking and self-talk only makes you feel hopeless and frustrated. The thing is no habit is good or bad. When I help my clients organize their homes, what we are doing is improving the routines they have that support the tidy behaviour they want to maintain. Otherwise known as a habit. Sorta got it? Good! Keep reading.

A habit is simply the end of one of the several rituals we complete in a day, and a ritual is nothing more than a routine. So if there is a habit we want to adopt or a habit that we want to release we need to focus on the routine that either makes or breaks that habit.

The very sneaky thing about habits is that one habit supports many if not all of the habits in your life! Mind blown right? That is why focusing on just one small habit will help you create and attract the ease you want in life.

What's coming

Starting in just a few days, during January I will post a weekly guide on this Designed Living blog to help you create a habit that supports ease and flow in your life. So come back on January 1st to follow along and participate. And since changing a habit isn't just a January 1st thing you can bookmark this guide and come back to it whenever you feel you need some support in managing your routines.

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