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Diffusing Scents

Diffusing is Aromatherapy

Diffusing scents is simply the mixture of scent particles (usually from essential oils) and water particles being dispersed in the air. When I was growing up a common practice in our Caribbean home was to simmer spices and citrus to cleanse and improve the scent of the home. My grandmother did it and my mother did it and just like them, I too started to do this after cleaning and clearing the house. I would simmer a small concoction of aromatics and then sit back and relax for the evening. It would make my home feel fresh, calm and pristine. In many was it was my way to indulge in some aromatherapy. Now I use my diffuser to emulate those scents from my childhood. The comfort these scents give me also make me think about some of the most luxurious and indulgent scent experiences of walking into a spa, a boutique, or a café and the elixir of wonderful smells that touch your senses. These aromas wrap themselves up in our psyches and instantly fill us with joy and openness to the experience we are about to partake in. Nice scents make us feel good and that is precisely why diffusing essential oils is such an enjoyable experience. With a couple of jigs of a well curated blend of essential oils, your senses are immediately calmed and open to the experience that is about to go down.

Enjoying an Elevated Experience

It’s very easy to notice that we like the sweet smells that come out of our diffusers. It’s in the understanding of why we like the scent that brings the enjoyment of essential oils to an elevated experience. Smells contribute to our overall mood; if you’re tired being enveloped in an invigorating citrus perfume like lemon or bergamot will help stimulate alertness. If you are feeling tense soothing floral fragrances like lavender and roses help with relaxation. And if you're not feeling well herbal and spicy scents like clove, mint or eucalyptus help decongestion and soothing of symptoms.

Diffusing oils are also rooted in the indigenous practices of many cultures and have been linked to several benefits like:

- relieving stress

- improving sleep

- awakening cognitive function

- smudging & clearing negative or low energy

- welcoming & embracing positive and elevated energy

- contributing to the ambiance

Bespoke Blending

I categorize essential oils by 4 main aroma profiles: Floral, Herbal, Spicy and Citrus.

Florals include scents like: Lavender, Roses, Chamomile and Orange blossom.

These are scents that are derived from commonly fragrant flowers often used in teas and beauty products too.

Herbal/Evergreen scents include: Rosemary, Sage, Pine and Eucalyptus. These scents are derived from shrubs and trees often associated with smudging and medicine. They are known for their woodsy and camphor like aromas. Citrus scents include scents such as: Lemon, Orange and Bergamot. These scents are crisp and clean and known to contribute to uplifting and euphoric feelings. They are derived from the peel and leaves of citrus fruit.

Spicy scents include: Cinnamon, clove and mint. These are scents that are derived from spices we eat and are often associated with medicinal healing properties.

The easiest way to start diffusing scents is to just try some oils you like one at a time. Get used to how that scent on its own makes you feel and then from there try to mix a couple you like. My general rule is that scents of the same aroma profile go together, floral, herbal and citrus scents typically always smell good together and citrus and spice aromas are always a good match. Of course this is all up to personal taste. Another element I like to use is rosewater and orange blossom water. These are lightly scented and can be used alone in the diffuser or with the addition of oils.

Here is my Signature POSH blend for a small to medium sized diffuser:

  • Half and half of rosewater to water

  • 1-2 drops of rosemary oil

  • 2-4 drops of bergamot oil

  • 2-4 drops of lavender oil

Et voila! My idyllic and vitalizing signature blend. This blend is my go to for inducing creativity, clarity and calm. When you try this blend please let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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