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Creating Vignettes

Updated: Feb 1

Simply put a vignette is a grouping of objects for a decorative display. Vignettes are intentional displays of decor love and a physical anthology of life's collections. The best place to start when creating one is by using some of the older decor items in your home and adding in newer or trendier pieces here and there without sacrificing your personality. They are a home styling and organization super power.

Vignettes allow you to thoughtfully display collections and small decor items with a lot of impact and sometimes whimsy. Vignettes are great for seasonal items like for Christmas or Thanksgiving and if you're a collector or are drawn to a more bohemian style of decorating, your vignettes will allow you to display several unique items while telling a visual story. That being said, there is a technique to creating an impactful and tasteful vignette. These are my rules I use when curating a vignette:

1. Think of a theme. A theme can be colour, the materials, a holiday etc... Just remember that the vignette also needs to match the room it is in.

2. Odd numbers work best. For some reason odd numbers look better grouped together. Numbers of 3 or 5 tend to be best.

3. Use variety. Your vignette should have pieces staggering in height and texture. Unless you have a monochromatic home there should be some variation in the colours used to.

4. Create depth. Some items should sit further forward or back. Imagine a zigzag or a triangle when placing the items. This adds dimension to your vignette.

5. Group similar shapes together. For example: round coasters, round mugs and a round teapot on a round tray.

Most importantly have fun playing around. In my eyes vignettes are not permanent and when you get the hang of creating them you will have so much fun changing them out from time to time.

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